Common Titles of Mazda and Allah

Titles Mazda Allah
All-Knowing All-Knowing The Knowing
  Knowing all things All-Knower
  Worthy of Knowing Omniscient
  All Knowing All-Knowledgeable
  Possessor of Knowing Much of Ever Thing
Lord of all Lord of all The King
  Lord of the Universe Lord
  Lord of Creation Sovereign
  Lord of Life and Wisdom Dominion
  Wise Lord Master
  Lord of exisience The God
  Lord Invisible Lord
  Lord of desire The One and Only
  Lord of Wishes Possessor of Supreme Power or Authority
Merciful Merciful Giver The Most Merciful
  Grantor of Generosity Ever-Merciful
    Most Clement
The Creator Invisible Creator of the Universe The Creator
  Creator of the Universe Invisibly Creator of the Universe
  Creator of the Profoundly Spiritual Maker
  Creator of Much Invisible Creations True Originator
  Creator of Holy attributes Absolute Author
  Creator of Noble Nature  
  Who Creates Air In All Places  
  Creator of Lifegiving water  
  Creator of Much Water  
  Creator of Creators  
  Creator of all Humanity and its actions  
  Creator of all Human and Animal Life  
  Creator of all the four elements  
  Creator of all the planets and all other worlds  
  Creator of Progress  
  Creator of Growth  
  Creator of Justice  
  Divine Creator  
  Root of Creation  
  Most Capable of Creating New Creations  
All-Powerful All-Powerful The Omnipotent
  Almighty Supreme Power
  Possessor of Having All Power
  Have Absolute Power Over All Matters
  The All-Powerful
  He Who is able to do Everything
Omnipresent All-Pervading The Vast
  Omnipresent All-Embracing
Beginning and End Without Beginning The First
  Without End The Beginning-less
  The Last
    The Endless
Holy All embracing Holy light The Holy
  Fulfiller of Holy Desires All-Holy
  Creator of Holy attributes  
Light All embracing Holy light The Light
  Haloed in Light  
  Full of Aura, Light  
Pardon and Forgive Forgiver of sins The Repeatedly Forgiving
  Forgiver Absolute Forgiver
  He Who is Ready to Pardon and Forgive
  The Ever-Forgiving
  The Pardoner
  The Effacer
    The Forgiver
Protector Ever-Protecting Protector
  Always Guarding Guardian
  Protector of the world The Preserver
  Protector of Creation Ever-Preserving
  Protector from Evil The Protecting Friend
Provider Provider The Provider
  Most Abundant Provider Sustainer
  Who Can Provide Everything Bestower of Sustenance
    Generous Provider
The Judge Compassionate Judge The Judge
  Possessor of Authority of Decisions and Judgment
  Authorized and Straightforward Judge of Dealing Justly
The Just Generous with Justice The Just
  Lord of Justice Authorized and Straightforward Judge of Dealing Justly
  Giver of True Justice  
  Just Accountant  
  Lord of Just Rewards  
  Creator of Justice  
Worthy of Worship Worthy of Worship Eternal Spirit Worshipped By All
Good All embracing Goodness The Good
  Completely Good Natured The Source of Good
  Completely Good Noble Aura  
  Lord of Good Works  
Worthy Worthy of Knowing The All Praiseworthy
  Worthy of our profound thanks  
  Worthy of Thanksgiving  
Supreme Soul Supreme Supreme Answerer
  Supreme Transmuter of Air into dust The Supremely Exalted
  Supreme Transmuter of Fire into divine sparks Supreme Believer (of Belief)
  Possessor of Supreme Power or Authority
  Most Supreme
  Supreme Power
Most High Most High The Most High
Pure Purest of the Pure All-Pure
The Preserver Preserver of Creation The Preserver
  Most Capable of Preserving Originality of Creations Ever-Preserving
The Victory Giver Victorious The Victory Giver
The Timeless The Timeless The Timeless
The Glorious Rayed in glory The Glorious
  Full of Brightness The All-Glorious
Exalted Exalted One Exalted
  Most exalted one The Exalted in Might and Power
  The Exalter
The Infinite Infinitely Patient The Infinite
The Eternal Eternally awake The Eternal
  Awakener of Eternal Spring Eternal Dominating
Wise Lord Wise Lord The Wise
The Majestic Majestic The Majestic
    Lord of Majesty and Honour
Bountiful One Bountiful One Bountiful
  Bountiful Giver  
The Giver Bountiful Giver The Giver of Life
  Merciful Giver The Giver of Peace
  Giver of True Justice The Giver
  Giver of All Things Giver of Belief
  Giver of Freedom for Progress Giver
    The Victory Giver
    The Giver of Dishonor
    The Giver of Disgrace
    The Giver of Honor
Generous Grantor of Generosity Generous
  Generous with Justice Generous Provider
Compassionate Compassionate Judge All-Compassionate
Endless Endless Bliss The Endless
Great Great Majesty The Most Great
  Great Commander The Possessor of Greatness
    Great Donor
    Greatly Abundant of Extent
    Most Great
    The Great
Master Master Craftsman Absolute Master


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