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Selected Creationist Papers
2008: Laying the Groundwork for Growth
A FAST Model for Underwater Debris Flows
A FAST Summer in the Grand Canyon & Wyoming
A Tectonic Origin for the Kingston Peak Formation
An Overview of Day-Age's Errors
Anchors Away? Confronting biblical drift among today's evangelicals
Are You Intellectually Fragile?
Book Review: Heaven Without Her
Book Review: Persuaded by the Evidence
Book Review: Slaughter of the Dissidents
Book Review: The Genesis Factor
Can Divergent Species of Snakes Interbreed?
Capitulating on Creation: Changing the truth of God into a lie
Catastrophic Super faults and the Biblical Flood
Censorship in Texas: Fighting Academic and Religious Discrimination
Charles Darwin: The Man Behind the Monkey
Chemistry by Chance: A Formula for Non-Life
Communicating the Essentials: Developing science education curricula for today's Christian teacher
Communicating the Wonders of God's Creation
Conflicts Between Text and Theology
Consensus Science: The Rise of a Scientific Elite
Cosmic Magnetic Fields
Creation Science on a Global Scale
Creation, Conservation, and Consummation: Communicating the full gospel of Christ
Dangerous Turn Ahead: Travelling down the road to compromise
Darwinian Medicine: A Prescription for Failure
Darwin's Dangerous Doctrine
Darwin's First Wrong Turn
Diamonds May Be a Creationist's Best Friend
Did Plant Growth Require Vast Ages?
Discovering and Defending the Certainties of Creation
Evolutionary Arrogance
Exploring the Limitations of the Scientific Method
FAST Progress
God's Everlasting Mercy
Honouring the Word of the Creator
How Young Is the Earth? Applying Simple Math to Data Provided in Genesis
Ice Age Glaciers at Yosemite National Park
ICR Makes Major Contributions to ICC
ICR Offers New Biblical Apologetics Degree
ICR Research Advances with the NCSF
ICR's Impact: The Alpha Omega Institute
Ideas Have Consequences
Intelligence Expelled
Letting God Settle Matters
Life in the Letters: Uncovering creation truth in ancient cultures
Made in His Image: Balancing Body Temperature
Made in His Image: Beauty in Motion
Made in His Image: Bone, An Engineering Marvel
Made in His Image: Breath of Life
Made in His Image: From Solar Energy to Human Energy
Made in His Image: Human Gestation
Made in His Image: Human Reproduction
Made in His Image: Melanin, the Sun block That's Just Skin Deep
Man of Science, Man of God: Charles Bell
Man of Science, Man of God: George Washington Carver
Man of Science, Man of God: Gregor Johann Mendel
Man of Science, Man of God: Henry M. Morris
Man of Science, Man of God: Isaac Newton
Man of Science, Man of God: James Clerk Maxwell
Man of Science, Man of God: Johann Kepler
Man of Science, Man of God: Louis Pasteur
Man of Science, Man of God: Michael Faraday
Man of Science, Man of God: Robert Boyle
Man of Science, Man of God: William Kirby
Mantle Rotation and the Flood
Meteorite Analysis Begins
Mitochondrial DNA and a Recent Human Origin
National Creation Science Foundation Awards First Grant
Natural Revelation
Never Stop Questioning
New Campus Supports Local Church Initiative
New Doors in Dallas
New Voices in Evolution Activism: From Madalyn Murray O'Hair to Eugenie Scott
One Birthday, Two Legacies
Predation Did Not Come from Evolution
Profitable Labour
Rapid Surging of Glacial Ice Lobes
RATE in Review
RATE in Review: Reading Genesis as History
RATE in Review: Unresolved Problems
San Diego to Host International Creation Conference in 2008
Science Education Roundup
Sleuthing Super faults
Sowing the Creation Message
Taking God at His Word
The "Fatal Flaws" of Darwinian Theory
The Biblical Origins of Modern Science
The Big Bang, Multiverse, and Other Tales about Outer Space
The Calendar and the Antiquity of Genesis
The Completed 'Rest' of the Lord
The Development and Deficits of Darwin's Theory
The Evidence of Nothing
The Graffiti of Judgment
The Human 'Stars' of Christmas
The Internet Battleground
The Iron Grip of Darwinism on Education
Three Creation Witnesses
Time to Tighten Our Belt
To Tell the Truth: The danger of accommodating Darwinism through false testimony
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Human Heart
Unravelling the Deeds of a Dangerous Man
Use Search Tools
Werner Arber: An Honest Evolutionist?
What a Difference a Day Makes
Where Has Academic Freedom Gone in Texas?