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10,000 Clergy Preach Darwin over Scripture
120-Million-Year-Old Ants Alive and Well?
150 Years Later, Fossils Still Don't Help Darwin
45-Million-Year-Old Brewer's Yeast Still Works
7 Wonders Creation Museum Celebrates 10-year Anniversary
A "One-Hundred-Million-Year-Old Bird" is Still a Bird
A Dose of Nature Improves Concentration
A First "RATE" Conference
A Natural Cause of Greenhouse Gas
A New Role for Interferons: Teaching
A New Technique for Pluripotent Stem Cells
A Question of Age: Vardiman and Lisle Confront Ross and Rana on the Age of the Earth
A Tempest in a Dog Dish
A Vocal Vestigial Organ?
ABC News: Camels Are American Emigrants
Altruistic Aphids, an Evolutionary Anomaly
Ancient Computers?
Ancient Human Footprints Look Modern
Ancient Oxygen-Rich Rocks Confound Evolutionary Timescale
Ancient Stone Knives Made by 'Smart' Humans
Another Local Flood Theory
Ant Algorithms Argue Against Evolutionary Origins
Antibody Variation Is Not Evolution
Anti-God Ads Hit Dallas
Anti-God Bus Ads Stick Around, Garner Mixed Responses
Astronomers Speak: Our Solar System Is "Special"
Astronomers Surprised by Unnatural Star Cluster
Atheist Ads in Chicago Say Man Created God
Atheists' Christmas Campaign: 'Yes' to Goodness, 'No' to God
Atheists Get 'Shared Time' with Nativity Scene
Bacteria 'Resurrected' from Greenland Glacier
Bacterial Clutch Denotes Design
Bacterial Compasses Point to Creation
Bacterial Evolution in the Laboratory?
Baylor University: Stifling Academic Freedom?
Better Treatments Will Stem from New Cell Lines
Biomineralization: An Engineering Masterpiece
Bonobos and Evolutionary Violence
Botox: Toxin Becomes Treatment
Brave Evolutionary Teachers: Person of the Year?
Brilliant Brain Biologists Forget the Foundation
Bursting Big Bang's Bubble
Bush Believes that Creation and Evolution Are Compatible
Butterfly Evolution?
California Judge Rules Against Academic Freedom
Call for Papers for the Sixth International Conference on Creationism
Cambrian Clash: Fossils and Molecular Clocks Disagree
Camel Remains Show Camels Remain Camels
Can Cosmic Collisions Create?
Can We Really Reverse-Engineer a Dinosaur?
Can We Trust Science?
Cedarville University Honors ICR Graduate
Chasing the Elusive Brown Dwarf
Chimp Study Reveals Humans Are Uniquely Wired
Chimps and People Show 'Architectural' Genetic Design
Cichlid Coloration Corroborates Creation
Cod Still Recovering from Darwin Bulldog's Bite
Co-evolution or Creation?
Cognitive Decline and a Biblical Decree
Cold Comfort for Long-Agers
Comer Lawsuit Dismissed, TEA's Neutrality Policy Upheld
Comet Chemical Is Not the Seed of Life
Communal Nutrition in Ants: Strong Evidence for Creation
Corrupted Chemical Communication Causes Disease
Creation Defender D. James Kennedy Goes Home
Creation Museum Champions Scientific Evidence for Biblical History
Creation Scientist Answers His Critics
Crocodile Ancestor?
Dallas News Survey Pushes Evolution-Only Dogma
Darwin’s Mockingbirds Show Neither ‘Rigid Creation’ Nor Evolution
Darwin's Evolutionary Tree 'Annihilated'
Data Derails Dinosaur Dominance Idea
Data Storage Systems in the Living World
Dawkins Supports First UK Atheist Kids' Camp
Dawkins Supports 'No God' Ads
Deadly Waters No Problem for Well-Equipped Algae
Defender's Bible Expanded
Diamond Research Points to a Recent Formation
Diamonds May Have Sparked Life, Say Researchers
Did God Create Aggressive Behavior?
Did God Make Brain-Eating Amoebas?
Did Magma Dykes Spread the Continents?
Did Ribonucleoproteins Spark Life?
Dinosaur Fossil Erases 40 Million Years
Dinosaur Soft Tissues: They're Real!
Dinosaurs, Grasses, and Darwinism
Disaster Recovery Plan Found in Cells
DNA Fence Posts Hold Back Cancer. . . and Evolution
DNA Repair Enzymes: Vital Links in the Chain of Life
Do New Dinosaur Finger Bones Solve a Bird Wing Problem?
Does Earth Balance Carbon Dioxide Levels Automatically?
Does Twitter Twiddle with Morality?
Dr. Duane Gish Retires
Dr. Gish Announces Retirement
Dr. Russell Humphreys Responds to Criticism of His Book
Early South African Clambakes
Earth's Oldest Rock Has the Wrong Date
Ecological Restoration and the Flood
Edenic Diet Keeps Out Kidney Stones
Egg-laying Echidna Could Not Have Evolved
Elephant Secrets under Middle East Sands
Energy Bill Won't Solve Global Warming
Engineers Have an 'Ear' for Natural Design
Epigenetics: More Information than Evolution Can Handle
Even Parasite Genes Look Young
Evidence for a Young Earth from the Ocean and Atmosphere
Evidently, Evolution Proves Evolution!
Evolution Embedded in American Thought
Evolution Missing from Top Science of 2008
Evolution Teacher Returns as Creationist
Evolution Wilts in Light of Flowering Plants
Evolutionary Connection to Increased College Drinking
Evolutionists Ignore Kansas Hearings. WHY?
Evolutionists Lament That Americans Still Believe in God
Evolutionists, Atheists Admit Defeat in Texas
Extinct Ibex Clone Dies at Birth
Extinction Events Are Declining to the Biblical Level
Falwell Joins Other Creationists in Glory
Fast-orbiting Stars Puzzle Astronomers
Father of Slain Student Blames Evolution for Killings
Feathered Dinosaurs?
Fighting Against the Forces of Darkness
First Draft of the Neandertal Genome Sequence Released
Fish Scales and Body Armor Design
Fish Studies Answer Flood Question
Fish's Mirror Eyes Reflect the Creator
Fixed Bird Thigh Nixes Dino-to-bird Development
Flat-Faced Fossil Fails to Fit Evolution
Flipper: Man's Best Friend?
Florida schools must teach evolution, despite public opinion
Flower Color Changes: Evolution or Creation in Action?
Flu Fighter Found in Fruits and Vegetables
Flumes Zoom in on Mud Rock History
Flytrap Origins: A Sticky Problem for Evolution
Fossil Feathers Convey Color
Fossil Fibers Befuddle Dinosaur Evolution
Fossil Footprints Trample Evolution's Timeline
Fossilized Gecko Fits Creation Model
'Freethought' Kids' Camp Launches in Texas
Fresh Jurassic Squid Ink
Fresh Kiwis
Gallup Poll: Two Thirds of Americans Believe God Created Them
Gecko Eyes Make Great Night Vision Cameras
Gene Construction Confirms Creation
Genesis and a 'Wet' Sahara
Genetic Expression: Same Genes Can Produce Different Results
Geologist Claims Creationists Abandoned Faith
Giving Human Evolution a Hand
Glaciers Can Melt in a 'Geologic Instant'
Graduate School Moves Overseas
Graduate School to Launch New Science Journal
Green Chemical Clean-up
Hadrosaur Soft Tissues Another Blow to Long-Ages Myth
Happy Birthday, Sue; How Old Are You?
Harvard Ph.D. Lecture Exposes Prejudices of Evolutionary Atheists
Has a "Brain Evolution Gene" Been Discovered?
Has Noah’s Ark Been Found in Iran?
Hemispherectomy Recovery: Testimony to Divine Design
Hormone Research Unwittingly Corroborates Biblical Kinds
How Did American Iguanas Get to Fiji?
How Did Marine Organisms End Up in Tree Sap?
How Long Do Frozen Greens Keep?
How Some Vegetables Fight Cancer
How Soon Will Jurassic Park Open?
Huge Virus a Missing Link?
Hugh Ross Avoids Debating Russ Humphreys … Again
Human DNA in Mice: Evolutionary Presumptions
Human Stem Cells Cure Mutated Mice
Human-pig Embryos: A Question of Morality
Humans are Humans, After All
Hurricane Katrina
ICR Answers Critics
ICR Conference to Confront an Icon of Evolution!
ICR Executive Encounters Atheist David Seaborg in BBC Interview
ICR GENE Project
ICR Inaugurates Center with RATE Conference
ICR Launches New Research Funding Initiative
ICR Radio News Release
ICR Receives the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence
Ida: Separating the Science from the Media Campaign
In Honor of Darwin's 200th Birthday: Evolution's Biggest Gaps
Inefficient Cat Motion Remains a Mystery for Evolution
Inflation Hypothesis Doesn't Measure Up to New Data
'Inner Fish' Is Really Inner Design
Insect Designed with a Spring in Its Step
Interpreting Stardust
Intestinal Bacteria: A Delicate Balance
Is the H1N1 Flu Evolving?
Is the Universe Crowded with Earthlike Planets?
Is There Some Truth to Dragon Myths?
It Takes More Than Eyes to See
Jay Talking
Join Us for Museum Day on September 29th!
Kansas Schools in the News
Lab-'evolved' Molecules Support Creation
Life from Space?
Life from the Stars?
'Live Evolution' Not Witnessed After All
Louisiana the Only State to Promote Academic Freedom (So Far)
Make a Reasonable Offer, Dr. Ross!
Martian Lake Still Won't Lead to Life
Mary Louise Morris (1917-2006)
Masters in Science Education Program Begins Online Course
Memorial Service Held for Dr. Morris
MEMS the Word in Microrobotics
Metabolic Pathways Produce Evolutionary Roadblock
Metal 'Snakes' Fall Far Short of Life
Methane on Mars: The Stuff of Life?
Mimicking Molecules Manifest a Maker
'Missing Link' Ida Is Just Media Hype
Missing Link Is Missing Some Parts
Molecular Clocks Are Preset to Evolution
Morbid Moth Meals: Variation at Work
Multifunctional Genes Indicate Ingenious Programming
'Multiverse' Theory Fails to Explain Away God
Mummified Dinosaur Skin Looks Young
Myco-diesels and the Age of the Earth
MythBuster Mistakes Evolution for Science
National Geographic's Flatfish Story Falls Flat
Neanderthal Babies Were Human Babies
Neanderthal Men Were Modern Men
Neo-Darwinian Theory Fails the Mutation Test
New Antibiotic Kills Drug-resistant Superbugs
New Fossil Hype Fits Old Pattern
New ICR Research Summaries Available
New Online Certificate Program Now Available
New Species Found in Indonesia
New 'Species' Was Just a Tiny Human
New State-of-the-Art Research Computer Installed at ICR
New Study Finds Dinosaur Models Are Too Thick
New Study Makes Connection Between Religion and Lower Mortality
New Way to Find Age of Ancient Pottery
No Evolution Found in Human Facial Differences
No Tolerance Allowed: Stein declines university speech after 'hundreds' of angry emails
Non-Human Hominid Right to Life
Non-Identical "Identical Twin" Stars Defy Evolution
Non-stick Bugs
Not Just a Pretty Face: New Function Found for Toucan Bills
Nylon-Eating Bacteria and Evolutionary Progress
Obama Orders the Destruction of Human Embryos
Obama Pushes for Expansion of Science and Technology
Oceanic Currents and the Paths of the Sea
Oh, Baby! Another Missing Link Discovered
'Oldest' Animal Fossils Evolved in the Wrong Place
'One Small Step': 40 Years After the First Moonwalk
Optimism in Evolution?
Origin of Life 'Gateway' Remains Hidden
Origin of Life Research Still Dead
Osmium in Shale Reflects the Flood
Our Great Ancestors Were. . . Sponges?
Oxford Scientist Examines the Benefits of Hitler's Breeding Program
Palin Slammed for Supporting Open Debate
Parasitic Worms Evolved the Wrong Direction
Partial Piranha Fossil Isn't Transitional
Particle Physics Is Remarkably Consistent with Genesis
PBS' "Judgment Day" Is a Misjudgment
PBS Bible-bashing? Wait and See.
PBS Fails to Uncover the Bible's 'Buried Secrets'
Photosynthesis Inspires "Green Fuel" Breakthrough
Physicist Receives Million-Pound Prize for Predicting a 'Hypercosmic God'
Pink Iguanas and Evolutionary Dating Conflicts
Planetary Quandaries Solved: Saturn Is Young
Planetary Smash-Ups: Not the Stuff of Earth
Plants Screen Potential Mates
Pluto: Is It a Planet?
Poll: Majority of Americans Don't Believe in Evolution
Pop Culture Parades Darwinism as Science
Practicing What Is Preached
Prestigious Journal Endorses Basics of Creationist Cosmology
Proposed Texas Standards Censor Sound Science
Protocell Research: on the Verge of. . . a Dead End
Purpose Driven Peace: Warren Denies Praise of Syrian Terror State
Radioactive Decay Rates Not Stable
Rare Insect Evolved at the Wrong Time
RATE Conference in Denver on September 15
RATE News Release
RATE Results Reported in Roanoke, VA
Recapping 2005 at ICR
Recent Human Variation Is Not Evolution
Redefining Life
Relative Pitch Is Human
Religion-Free Group Says to 'Praise Darwin'
Report: 92 Percent of Americans Believe in God
Resveratrol: Lapping up the Limits of Longevity
Retinal Coordination: Picture Perfect Presentation of Design
Rewriting the Last Dinosaur's Tombstone
Rising Animal Cancers Point to a Dying World
Royal Society Professor Forced to Resign over Creationism Misquotation
Russell Humphreys Challenges Hugh Ross
Saturn's Moon--Does Water Equal Life?
School Board Gives Up Fight Over "Evolution Stickers"
Science and the Bible Agree: Casual Sex Is Bad
Science Still in the Dark about Dark Energy
Science Teachers Violate NSTA Standards of Open Inquiry
Science vs. Scripture: An Open Response to Dr. John Ankerberg
Scientists Discover the On/Off Switch of the Cell's Copy Machine
Scientists Report Doubts over Key Theory of Evolutionary Extinction
Scientists Seek Second Genesis
Sea Urchin Teeth Are Designed to Grind Stone
Self-sacrificing Cells Demonstrate a Selfless Designer
Sichuan Compassion Contravenes Evolution
Silent Mutations Cripple Viruses
Smithsonian: Religious Scientists Prohibited
Snail Changes Outpace Evolution's Slow Crawl
Solar System Secrets Solved
Some Birds Were Created to Boogie
Star Wars – Are There Civilizations Far, Far Away?
Starlight Wars: Starlight and Time Withstands Attacks
Stem Cell Research—Doing Evil to Do Good
Stem Cells from Blood Render Embryonic Sources Obsolete
Stewardship and Coconut-based Car Parts
Stone Blades Cut Back Evolutionary Dates
Strata Data Axes Asteroid Dinosaur Demise
Stressosomes: Bacteria's Ingenious Coping Mechanism
Study Shows Many Scientists Manipulate Results
Study Shows Nanoparticles Contribute to Cell Damage, Aging
Study Shows Our Minds Are Tuned to Believe
Study: Giant Kangaroos Killed by Drought
Stunning New Evidence of a Higher Ancient Sea Level
Surtsey: A Young-earth Laboratory
Surviving Exhibit: Science or Indoctrination?
Surviving Exhibit: Science or Indoctrination?
Synthetic Life "Breakthrough" Just Demonstrates Design
T. Rex Teeth Take a Bite Out of Evolution
Tail-gliding Bugs Are Not Evidence for Flight Evolution
Tasmanian Devils: Extinction, not Macroevolution
Teamwork Between Shining Bacteria and Squids Evolved?
Teenage Suicide and an Evolutionary Worldview
Temple of Science Exhibits the Religion of Science
Texas Education Officials Strike Blow to Academic Freedom
Texas 'Freedom' Network, UTA Professor Oppose Academic Freedom in Public Schools
Texas School Board Chairman McLeroy Loses Leadership Post
TFN Survey's Flawed Methodology Invalidates It
Thank God for. . . Scorpion Venom?
The African Sunbird: Evolution in Action or Grasping at Straws?
The Ascent of Darwin
The Brain's Emergency Brakes
The Call of the Hadrosaur
The Confusing Origin of Locust Swarms
The Cons of "The Cons of Creationism"
The Crystal Cathedral's "Once Upon All Time: Creation"
The Delicate Balance of Ear Crystals
The Dinosaur Mummy
The Dirty Little Secret Is Out: Religious Faith and Evolution Are Incompatible
The Dubious Apologetics of Hugh Ross
The Finest Food, Feed, Fiber, and Fuel for the Future: Plant Biotechnology
The Finest Solar Technology Doesn't Come from a Lab
The First and Best Biotechnician
The Gamburtsev Mountains: An Antarctic Mystery
The Gamburtsev Mountains: Where Did the Ice Come From?
The History Channel Steps into Fantasy
The History Channel’s ‘frenzy of speculation’
The Incredible Hulk Theory of Life in Space
The Lucy Show to Open in Houston
The 'Mystery' of Octopus Fossils
The Permian Extinction: Good Science, Bad Assumptions
The Significance of the Successful Supercollider Startup
The Steady Gaze of Flies: An Engineering Marvel
The Stunning Stability of Salmonella
Tiktaalik: Our Ancestor?
TIME Equates Christians, Creationists with 9/11 Terrorists
Tiny Ocean Plants Offer Biochemical Enigma
Tough Guy Kicks Evolution Myth
Training a New Generation of Creation Research Scientists
Transcontinental Sedimentation and the Flood
Tubular Fish Eyes Defy Evolution
U.K. Grants Approval for Human-pig Hybrid Embryos
UCSD Scientist Discusses Evolution, Presents No New Defenses
UK Approves Use of Animal-human Embryos for Research
Understanding the Stem Cell Debate
Viral Batteries: A Case for Evolution?
Viral Life from Outer Space? Not Likely.
Virginia Tech Shootings a Senseless Tragedy
Virus Motors Impossible for Evolution
Washington Scablands and the Lake Missoula Flood
Wave Power and Ventilating the Ark
We Now Know...
Well-Engineered Ecosystems Bounce Back
Whales Inspire New Turbine Design
What Are They Afraid Of?
What Does It Take to Fossilize a Brain?
What Is a Turtle Fossil Doing in the Arctic?
What Spurs Evolution: the Old or the Young?
Where Did Flesh-eating Bacteria Come From?
Why Are Human Genes Still Linked?
Why Are There Still Tuataras?
Why Can Moss Process Human Genes?
Why Did Life Evolve Beyond Bacteria?
WHY Should We Apologize?
Will 'Better Science Education' Convince Americans They Came from Fish?
Will Reducing Carbon Dioxide Solve Global Warming?
Will the True Tetrapod Transition Please Step Forward?
Wipe Once, Then Toss: The Antibiotic Resistance of the Superbug
World's First Artificial DNA Molecule (Well, Almost)
Worldviews and the Blissful Ignorance Effect
Yawning With a Purpose
You’re getting closer, Dr. Ross!