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A House Divided
A Modern Babel? Confusion in America
A Providential Wind
A Shocking Group of Fish and Eels
A Unique Creationist School of Science (V: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
Acceptable Words for Such a Time
Adam and Ants
All Nations Under God
All Spaced Out
Always Be Ready
Amber: A Window to the Recent Past
America Needs Salting
An Open Letter to American Muslims
An Urgent Appeal to Pastors
And How Shall They Hear Without A Preacher (Romans 10:15)
Arctic Heat Wave
Are All Men Created Equal?
Are Creationists Divisive?
Asimov Meets His Creator
Astrobiology: Follow the . . .
Atmospheres: A Narrow Zone for Life
Back To Genesis - The Hope For America?
Back To Genesis And "Creation Shock" In the United Kingdom
Back to the Mythical Genesis
Battles Behind The Scenes
Be a Berean
Beginning at Genesis
Behind the Dark Curtain
Biblical Myths?
Biblical Uniformitarianism
Big Bang -- The Bucks Stop There
Bigotry in Science
Billions, Millions, or Thousands--Does It Matter?
Biological Belts
Birthrights and Pottage
Bishop or Bible? A Question of Authority
Blessings from the Old Files
Blue-t-ful Beetles, Birds, `n Butterflies
Bring the Books
Cain's Wife: It Really Does Matter!
Calibrating the Flood?
Calling Little Green Men
Can Order Come Out Of Chaos?
Cancer and the Curse
Children and Creation
Choosing A Christian College - Part I
Choosing A Christian College - Part II
Christ and the Time of Creation
Christians in Space
Closing The Gap
Coming Back To Genesis
Communicating the Truth (XI: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
Complex Plant Systems: Rooted in God's Genius
Cosmology on Trial
Cosmology's Error Bars
Cosmology's Holy Grail
Creation and Conservation
Creation and the Bird Flu
Creation by Inflation and Quantum Fluctuation
Creation Evangelism
Creation Evangelism Works
Creation Ministry in the United Kingdom
Creation on Campus
Creation Versus Evolutionism: A Book Report
Creation, Christmas, and the Qur'an
Crisis in Crater Count Dating
Curiously Wrought
Darwin's Withering Tree of Life
Debating Design: The Bacterial Flagellum
Defending the Faith
Design Is Not Enough!
Did Darwin Renounce Evolution on His Deathbed?
Did Jesus Teach Recent Creation?
Dinosaur Soft Tissue: Biofilm or Blood Vessels?
Dinosaurmania Strikes Again
Discovering Truth with Scripture
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DNA: A Stew-pendous Creation
Do 'New Species' Demonstrate Darwinism?
Do The Days Really Matter?
Doctor Luke
Does Organic Mean Living?
Does the Phrase "Evening and Morning" Help Define "Day"?
Don't Be Afraid of "Giants"
Earth: A Special Place
Empiricism: A Glaring Flaw of New Atheism
Enceladus: A Cold, Youthful Moon
Entropy and the Resurrection
Evolution and the Pope
Evolution Continues to Be a Hard Cell
Evolution versus the People
Evolution: Real Science or Nonsense?
Evolutionary Arrogance
Evolutionary Paranoia
Evolution--Impossible to Embarrass Its Believers
Evolutionists and the Moth Myth
Evolution's Biggest Hurdles
Finding An Evolutionist's God
Fish That Talk
Five Vital Questions to Ask Your Church or School - Recognizing Evolutionary Infiltration
Flood Geology and Intelligent Design
Follow the Evidence!
Food, Fasting, and Physiology
Fossil Political Correctness in the Sixteenth Century
Fossilized Biomaterials Must Be Young
Galloping Glaciers
Games Some People Play
Genesis and the Resurrection
Geological Provincialism
Giving an Answer
God of Creation or "god" of Christmas?
God's Dominion Mandate and the Nations Today
God's Library
God's Only Begotten Son
Grazing the Mailing Lists
Great Turnovers!
Habitable Zones
How Big Is God?
How Buildings Grow
How Coherent Is the Human Evolution Story?
How Did Methuselah Die?
How Not To Defend Evolution
How Old Is Life?
How Will the Present Earth Pass Away?
Human Evolution An Update
Hummingbirds at ICR
Huxley Error Led to Cod Calamity
I Love Lucy?
Iapetus: Youth in Black and White
ICR - Its Origin and Goal
ICR - The First Twenty-Five Years (VIII: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
ICR and the Word of God (VI: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
ICR, Prophecy, and the International Gospel
If Apes Evolved into Humans, Why Do We Still Have Apes?
Imponderable Substances
In the Beginning, Hydrogen
Inflating the Evidence
Inquiring Skeptics Want To Know
Inspired Guesses, Creative Imagination, and Science
Insufficient Design
Intelligent Design and/or Scientific Creationism
Irrational Naturalism
Is America Committing Suicide?
Is God an Evolutionist?
Is God Being Outlawed in California?
It's Not a Matter of Your Opinion
Jellyfish Reveal the Recent Hand of the Creator
Just How Simple Are Bacteria?
Know the Enemy (A Critique Of Anton Lavey's Books On Satanism)
Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So (Testimonies from Creation Evangelism)
Let the Word of God Be True
Make Museums Count for Creation
Marketing the Navajo Sandstone
Mature at Birth: Universe Discredits Evolution
Megafloods in the English Channel
Memories Of ICR Colleagues Now In Heaven
Messenger from Mercury
Monkey Ears and Wasted Years
More Than a Rising Star
More Than Just 'Complex'
More Than Star Stuff
Mount Moran: A Witness to the Flood
Mudcracks and the Flood
My Dream
Naive Literalism
Nebulous Hypotheses
Needed - More Watchmen
Needed: Pioneer Evangelists!
No Seal of Approval for Evolution
No Weaknesses in the Theory of Evolution?
Nor Any Nod To God
Occupying Faithfully Until He Comes (VII: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
Of Making Many Books
Old-Earth Creationism
On the Vital Ministry of Teaching
Our Bodies - Our Rights?
Out of Ararat?
Passing the Mantle (IX: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
Preserving the Words of God
Prophecies of the Resurrection
Radiometric Dating and the Bible: A Historical Review
Reason or Rhetoric
Red Butte: Remnant of the Flood
Reflections on Fifty Years in Creation Evangelism (I: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
Religion and Resurrection
Replenishing the Earth
Rescuing Ring Ages
Revealing Purpose in "Junk" DNA
Revelation: Key to the Past
Running With Birds and Butterflies
Sand Injectites
Scientific Discoveries Continue to Erode Darwinism
Scientific Irrationality
Searching for the Elusive Man from Mars
Sedimentary Structure Shows a Young Earth
SETI: Design in Spite of Itself
Sharks Remain Sharks
Should Creationists Abandon The King James Version?
Space Travel? Shields UP!
Spewing Hot Rocks on Old Ideas
Squid Reflects Creation Evidence
Stalling over Transitional Forms
Strange Strings
Strong Delusion
'Stuff Happens': A Review of Darwin's Influence on Modern Astronomy
Sunlight Before the Sun
Supernova Shell Shock
Surface Features Require Rapid Deposition
Surprising Discovery: Sponges and Man Are Not Related!
Sweet Land of Liberty
Temples of Evolution - Temples of Doom
Testimonies From Creation Evangelism
The "I Am's" Of Christ
The Amazing Design of the Human Nose
The Amazing Jewel Beetle
The Anti-Creationists
The Apobetics of Aesthetics: A Hairy Problem for Evolution
The Battle for True Education (III: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
The Bible and Jesus Christ
The Big Bang is Coming
The Big Bust
The Big Thaw
The Bounds of the Dominion Mandate
The Burgess Shale and Complex Life
The Catch in Creation
The Chasm Is Widening
The City with Foundations
The Coming Big Bang
The Contrasting Religions of Creation and Evolution
The Cosmic Bubbleland
The Creationism of America's Founding Fathers
The Dangers Of Compromise
The Days Do Matter
The Dean of Evolution - A Review of Ernst Mayr's Latest Book
The Deity of the Risen Christ
The Design Revelation
The Dinosaur Next Door
The Eternal Future of Time, Space, and Matter
The Evolving Humanist Manifestos
The Eyes of Creation
The Face on Mars: A Teachable Moment
The Fall, the Curse, and Evolution
The Finished Works of God
The Fossil Record: Commending the Gnostics
The Gaps in 'The God of the Gaps'
The Globular Cluster Bomb
The Hualapai and the Flood
The Hyper-Environmentalists
The Ice Age: Causes and Consequences
The ICR Graduates
The ICR Outreach Ministries (IV: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
The Ida Fossil: A Clever Campaign for a Lackluster 'Link'
The Improbability of the Incarnation
The Keys to Creation Research
The Lake Of Fire
The Light of the World
The Light-Distance Problem
The Literal Week of Creation
The Mathematical Impossibility Of Evolution
The Message in Surprise Effects
The Microwave of Evolution
The Modern Apologist
The Most Expensive Christmas Gift Of All
The Mystery of Complexity
The Mystery of Human Language
The Mythical Horse Series
The Nature of Naturalism
The Origin of Flight
The Outer Darkness
The Postmodern Agnostic
The Prestige of Historical Geology
The Profusion of Living Fossils
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Regularity of Nature
The Remarkable Word Patterns in the Book of Genesis
The Revival of Modern Creationism (II: ICR, For Such a Time as This)
The Secrets of Evolution
The Seed Snatchers
The Smartest Man in America?
The Staff of Life
The Stardust Trail
The Struggles of Michael Ruse
The Tree Of Life
The Tri-Universe
The Ultimate End
The Ultimate Proof of Christianity (The Resurrection of Jesus)
The Uncertain Speed of Light
The Urge to Submerge
The Vital Importance of Believing In Recent Creation
The Wax That Taxes Darwin
The Wolf and the Lamb
The Wonderful Truth of the Trinity
The World and The Word (Psalm 19)
The Year 2000 and Bible Prophecy
There's Only One Universe
Things You May Not Know About Evolution
Thinking God's Thoughts after Him
Those Amazing G Protein Receptors
Tiny Bacteria's Big Challenge to Darwin
Titan vs. Billions of Years
Turtles and Snakes: No Evolutionary Journey
Use Search Tools
Use Search Tools
Varves: Proof for an Old Earth?
Venus vs. Uniformitarianism
Vulgar Notions of a Universal Flood
Walking the Walk
Wars and Rumors of Wars
Was Creation a Miracle?
Watches and Wombats
Were You There?
We've Forgotten
What Are They Afraid Of?
What Astronomers Don't Know
What If Evolution Were True?
What Is A Creationist?
What Mean These Stones?
What Other Doctrines Do You Ignore?
What They Say
Where Are All The Godly Offspring?
Where Are Dinosaur Tracks Found?
Where Can We See Young-Earth Evidence?
Who Is The Real Hero?
Who's Building Noah's Ark This Time?
Why Are Some Churches Producing Atheists?
Why Christians Should Believe in a Global Flood
Why Does ICR Study the Mount St. Helen's Eruption?
Why Does The Carrot Move?
Why the Gap Theory Won't Work
Willful Ignorance
Willingly Ignorant
Without Excuse!